Virgin Money

Sector: Retail & SME Banking

Capability: SME Data & Analytics

Service: Propensity Modelling

Situation: The Head of Products and Lending asked Laeceum to help identify high propensity switchers as part of its participation into the RBS Incentivised Switching Scheme. The team developed a proprietary algorithm comprising 10 individual factors which were then flexed to suit the profile of a defined target customer persona that was pieced together using internal data and an outside-in view provided by the Laeceum team.

Impact: Following intensive development and testing, the algorithm was deployed at periodic intervals within the UK SME universe. The results were shared with the client by way of a secure file transfer protocol. A constant feedback and iteration loop would ensure that the algorithm received the necessary modifications to maintain efficacy.



The Head of Corporate Development was tasked with the preparation of key insights and recommendation to support senior decision making within an accelerated timeframe.

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The Managing Director of Marketing, Business and Development and Communications sought to build a market leading data asset that would help provide a forward view on companies that were at risk of facing elevated levels of distress . . .

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Laeceum Life

Ellie is a part-time Analyst at Laeceum and is currently a third-year undergraduate in Human, Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge. 

Ellie has a keen interest in corporate development and plays a lead role in building out Laeceum’s Advisory capability and university outreach and third sector engagement efforts.

Ellie has prior experience as a Consultant at DeHavilland and attended Harvard’s Model United Nations programme.