Shawbrook Bank

Sector: SME Banking

Capability: SME Data & Analytics

Service: Peer Benchmarking

Situation: The Head of Enterprise Strategy and Head of Marketing were tasked to examine novel data-led ways to help build a more holistic view on potential borrowers with reference to a relevant peer group. This was to support the initial due diligence effort which relied largely on historic financial information.

Impact: Laeceum developed and rolled out an on-demand peer analysis service anchored around a detailed pdf report that comprised a wide and detailed range of information including financial data, growth and distress indicators, recent news and market sentiment, and, uniquely, a spoke peer analysis section that compared the target company to its peers based on a number of performance, efficiency, leverage, profitability and operational measures. This report was used to help build a broader understanding of a potential borrower by considering it alongside a peer group that was chosen based on SIC code, region and a number of other financial criteria


Virgin Money

The Head of Products and Lending asked Laeceum to help identify high propensity switchers as part of its participation into the RBS Incentivised Switching Scheme.

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The Co-Founders originally sought help to raise pre series A capital to fund growth following a successful first year of operation.

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Laeceum Life

Cambridge in London

On 23 April 2024, Founder and Managing Director of Laeceum Ravi Chauhan and part-time Analyst Emma Ford were invited to attend the inaugural ‘Cambridge in London.’ The event focused on entrepreneurship and innovation within the biotech cybersecurity, waste resources and software sectors.

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Inaugural careers fair at Imperial College London

On 22 February 2024, Founder and Managing Director of Laeceum Ravi Chauhan, part-time Analyst Emma Ford and friend of the firm Anjalika Bardalai, spent a few hours meeting a host of lively and curious students during the general spring term careers fair on a very wet Thursday evening.

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Ellie is a part-time Analyst at Laeceum and is currently a third-year undergraduate in Human, Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge. 

Ellie has a keen interest in corporate development and plays a lead role in building out Laeceum’s Advisory capability and university outreach and third sector engagement efforts.

Ellie has prior experience as a Consultant at DeHavilland and attended Harvard’s Model United Nations programme.