Sector: Professional Services

Capability: SME Data & Analytics & Strategy

Service: Propensity Modelling & Strategic R&A

Situation: The Managing Director of Marketing, Business and Development and Communications sought to build a market leading data asset that would help provide a forward view on companies that were at risk of facing elevated levels of distress and companies that had the potential to be future growth champions.

Impact: Working in parallel with the client team and a range of external data vendors, the Laeceum team have supported the client to develop and exploit a number of propensity models that in turn have powered a national thought leadership campaign that has received media attention from national broadsheets and led to a joint event with The City UK.



The Co-Founders originally sought help to raise pre series A capital to fund growth following a successful first year of operation.

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The CEO wanted to establish whether there was a market for a by-product of their core lending analysis and if so, how that opportunity could be commercially exploited.

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Laeceum Life

Ellie is a part-time Analyst at Laeceum and is currently a third-year undergraduate in Human, Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge. 

Ellie has a keen interest in corporate development and plays a lead role in building out Laeceum’s Advisory capability and university outreach and third sector engagement efforts.

Ellie has prior experience as a Consultant at DeHavilland and attended Harvard’s Model United Nations programme.